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Painting: “In His Image”

We have a print of this painting on our prayer table in our living room. I just happened upon its story this week while googling Gandhi (now there’s a band name for you!) pictures for yesterday’s Friday Five.

Click HERE for the neat story behind it, as told by its painter William Zdinak!

While there are recognizable faces, Zdinak says, “It doesn’t really matter which persons are depicted.  We are ‘all one in Christ’ as St. Paul has told us. Hurting one, we hurt all; helping one, we help all. That is the idea behind – ‘In His Image’.”

If you enjoyed this, you should also check out Art from Akiane!

3 comments on “Painting: “In His Image”

  1. Ashley Zdinak
    January 24, 2016

    William Zdinak is actually my grandfather. The link to the story behind it isn’t working for me, so I’ll tell the background. He promised a friend from their church that he would make a painting for the church charity drive, he had forgotten about it untill the woman asked the night before what size the canvas was so she could display it. He said the largest size canvas he had and spent all night trying to come up with something. Now at that time they lived in Alase Cooper’s former house so his art room was their soundproof room. He loved drinking Coke, drake too much that night. Around 2 am he said he received an image from God in the form of Jesus. That is where it comes from. His wife and a few of his 7 children are depicted in it. The original was actually hanging in my grandmother’s apartment until she passed almost 3 years ago. The morning she passed, she was in hospis care as she had been for a couple months, with the original IHI hanging above her. Still in the family. The original is framed in green worm wood, explaining why some prints have that too. God is everyone.

  2. Julia Hayostek
    February 7, 2016

    Do you still have the original? Because 36 years ago my uncle purchase a painting that looks like a painting over the painting.

  3. Diane
    February 10, 2016

    Thank you for the story of your grandfather. My mom passed in June of this year. She had the painting hanging in her living room for 16 years. It is a beautiful painting. Is your grandfather still living? I really appreciate you emailing me. Diane.Micali@yahoo.com

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